About Us

House of Magnolia was established in May 2020 in South Georgia by a local fitness enthusiast with the purpose of providing trendy activewear and athleisure styles for women.  Our collection is carefully curated to be worn to the gym, to brunch with friends, and to yes, even date nights!

Purple is our power color! Here's why?

All colors have meaning and when selecting how to represent our brand, we gave careful thought and consideration to every aspect even down to our logo.  Purple is not only the owner's favorite color but its meaning is why is admired.  The color purple is associated with royalty, ambition, power and nobility.  

Why Magnolia?

The owner was raised in Mississippi and wanted to pay homage to her roots while keeping true to the brand.  Not only is the Magnolia the state flower of Mississippi but its meaning also is synonymous with the vision of the brand.  The Magnolia flower is soft and subtle in color but strong in appearance; representative of the beauty encompassing femininity and perseverance.